Adobe Lightroom CC, Panorama Merge, Facial Recognition and More New Features

Adobe Lightroom CC, Panorama Merge, Facial Recognition and More New Features

Almost two years since the release of Lightroom 5, today Adobe finally announced the long awaited Lightroom CC (which will be available as a standalone product titled Lightroom 6).

Here are some of the newly announced Lightroom features;

Faster Performance

Adobe have been slow to adopt GPU accelerated computing, but Lightroom CC promises to offload portions of compute-intensive rendering to compatible graphics cards.

Lightroom takes advantage of compatible graphics processors to boost its overall speed up to 10 times faster, especially in the Develop module ~Adobe

HDR Made Easy

Lightroom will now handle blending bracketed exposures into one DNG file, without rasterizing the result. This means that the merged image will retain the flexibility of RAW.

Panorama Merge

Lightroom CC can now stitch together mutiple RAW files as a non-rasterized panorama. As with the new HDR option, the resulting file will be a fully editable DNG.

 Facial Recognition

Lightroom is now able to recognise faces, and sort through your photographs to identify subjects it believes to be the same person. You can verify its selections by tagging to make cataloguing easier.

 Improved Slideshows

Lightroom CC now has additional features to allow for better slideshows, integrating photography, video and music with advanced pan, zoom and fade features.

The new Lightroom also promises masks for filters in the Develop module, improved web galleries and templates compatible with modern responsive web/mobile/tablet browsing, and access to editing features from more devices, including Android.

Lightroom CC is available to download as part of the Photography plan including Photoshop CC through Adobe’s website.


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