RE Tut Interviews Eithne Ni Anluain, Digital Artist

In the first of a series of RE Tut interviews we speak to professional digital artist Eithné Ní Anluaín, whose exquisitely fantastical work has graced the covers of magazines and books the world over. We asked Eithné about her personal journey, and she gives tips for digital painters and composite artists who are starting their own. RT: Tell us about you! Where you’re from and what attracted you to digital art and your particular style? Names Eithne O’Hanlon, I go by my Gaelic name as Eithne Ni Anluain for work. Why you ask? Some twit already took “crazy legs” on a particular site years ago and all I could think of was “Ni Anluain” at the time. It’s stuck – I’m stuck with it. Everything is branded around the Gaelic aspect, images are names in Gaelic etc. I went to science when I left school, I’ve two degrees, one in Geology and the other in Environmental Science. Random? Yep! Anyhow work wasn’t so hot (thank you recession as I was a greenfield site surveyor) and I started doing work for a online author forum. I had a friend that gave me a ‘copy’ of CS3 extended and then it started. The 8 hours a day, every day, teaching yourself Photoshop. Thankfully I could actually do that and get good enough now to be hired by publishers and advertising firms. No copies now, all CC 2014! The attraction was gradual. It just sort of built. Being arty from a very early age I think helps. Also not seeing a tree as a tree, but as a magical kingdom for sprites is much more up my street. My imagination influences the artwork, particularly my own work. I could name many artists and photographers that influence me – but I would be here all day. ... Read More »

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