Editorial Retouch From Start To Finish – Krunoslav Stifter

In this retouching tutorial video series, expert retoucher and teacher Krunoslav Stifter guides us through his entire process of achieving an editorial look similar to the popular treatments in ads you may have seen from Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The free video series is packed with supplementary advice, including choosing a RAW convertor and monitor, alongside solid retouching fundamentals for anyone aspiring to the commercial advertising look. There’s hours of invaluable content here divided into clear chapters, so please enjoy Part One (and for those of us who are no stranger to the Netflix style binge, the video embedded below will queue each following chapter). This free retouching series is reproduced at Retouching Tutorials with the kind permission of Krunoslav Stifter. You can follow him and Real World Retouching on Facebook, Twitter and on YouTube. Read More »

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